Graphical Model Algorithms at UC Irvine

Check out the REES package and our other Software.

Welcome to GraphModAlg@UCI, the home page of Prof. Dechter's group in the Bren School of ICS at UC Irvine. Our research centers on computational aspects of automated reasoning and knowledge representation including search, constraint processing and probabilistic reasoning.


This web page serves as a platform to make our algorithms and their implementations available to interested researchers. Feel free to have a look at the current list of available Software. Some of our algorithms have recently been evaluated in the UAI'08 probabilistic inference evaluation.

We also provide a number of example problem instances in our Repository.

Research overview

The reasoning group's research headed by Prof. Dechter is in the field of automated reasoning in Artificial Intelligence, focusing on Graphical Models. Graph-based models (e.g., Bayesian and constraint networks, influence diagrams and Markov decision processes) have become a central paradigm for knowledge representation and reasoning in Artificial Intelligence and general computer science.

These models are used in numerous applications in industrial and engineering tasks, such as scheduling, planning, diagnosis and prediction, design, and hardware and software verification. These reasoning problems can be stated as the formal tasks of constraint satisfaction and satisfiability, combinatorial optimization and probabilistic inference.

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