aolibWCSP step-by-step instructions

In the following we provide step-by-step instructions on how to use the aolibWCSP algorithm on an example problem instance. This example is based on Windows, but the steps for Linux are almost the same.

Downloading and running the algorithm
  1. Download the archive with the executable from the algorithm's page. Since we assume a Windows operating system here, we need this file.

  2. Unpack the archive contents (the binary and a sample parameter file) into a directory of your choice, say C:\aolib\.

  3. Obtain an WCSP file of a WCSP problem instance, for instance from our local Repository. For this example we pick s1494 from the ISCAS89 problem set.

  4. The problem instance file comes in gzip'ed form, so unpack it to the same directory as the algorithm executable; in our case C:\aolib\.1

  5. Open a command line (In Windows: Choose "Run" in the start menu and enter cmd) and navigate to the directory where we put the files by entering cd C:\aolib\.

  6. Run the algorithm by specifying the problem file, the parameter file and the output file, as described on the algorithm's page. We'll use the parameter file that comes with the program file. If we wish to have the result output into the file s1494.out, the command line call in our case will be:

    aolibWCSP s1494.wcsp paramsWCSP.txt s1494.out

Algorithm output

The algorithm will run and, depending on the speed of your computer, the result should be returned shortly afterwards. The output should look somewhat like this:

PP: forced connected:           no
PP: number of variables:        661
PP: number of functions:        661
PP: domain size bound:          2
PP: constraint arity:           5
PP: channel noise:              0.2200
PP: induced width:              48
PP: pseudo-tree depth:          69
PP: number of nodes in graph:   661
PP: number of edges in graph:   2131
PP: graph density:              0.9769 %
PP: preprocessing time:         1.6600 seconds
PP: pseudo-tree time:           0.0600 seconds

AOBB started ...
   time limit:  -1
   i-bound:     20
   c-bound:     1000
   cache sch:   classic
   cache impl:  hash
   # cached:    602
   heuristic:   SMBE
   ordering:    SVO
   BCP:         false
    -time        1.0, nodes 5512, open 23, closed 67, cost 150
    -time        2.0, nodes 10407, open 52, closed 111, cost 40
   out of time: no
   optimal solution cost:       32 (1.50515)
   CPU time (preproc):       79.1000
   CPU time (search):         2.0900
   CPU time (total):         81.1900
   number of nodes:             10840
   memory usage:                0.0312 MB

In addition to this diagnostic output, the cost of the optimal solution has been written to the file s1494.out. aolibWCSP also outputs a short summary of its computation to a file with a name starting in summary_<problem name>, which you should feel free to look at.

  1. If your archiver doesn't support GZIP, a copy of gunzip for the command line is available [ here]. (1)

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