Amazing Tales - The Story of Joseph Jagger </br>The enduring popularity of the roulette, is definitely due in some part to it's rich and enduring history. Roulette itself has been about for nearly 250 years and in that time has developed a lots of systems, myths and stories. Few of those who seek a system or method that will make their fortune in the casinos have ever heard of Joseph Jagger. Incidentally it helps if you understand the game of roulette for this story, you can find them here if you don't know them - simple rules of rouletteHis background was really a long way from the glittering casinos, he was in fact a mill engineer in a tiny town in Yorkshire. But his inspiration came from the mechanics of the roulette wheel, figuring that most wheels would have imperfections that could create a bias in the numbers that were spun. In the European casinos, the house advantage is so slight that any small advantage could create huge winnings for a disciplined gambler.For the majority this is where the plan would have stopped, but Joseph Jagger put his plans into action. In the year of 1873 he actually got a group of 6 clerks together and they set off for Monte Carlo. His clerks were the 'clockers' who would analyse and record every spin on as many roulette wheels as possible in order to spot some bias. The casinos had never seen this before, so actually allowed the clockers to do their work.In 1875 the next phase of the plan was ready for action, the clockers though they had identified a single biased wheel that appeared to favour a certain group of numbers, meaning that certain roulette bets should have produced a better chance. Joseph Jagger didn't wait around and started instantly betting heavily on that specific wheel. On his first attempt he won over $70,000 in a day, a huge sum in 1875. Of course the bias was not so obvious that it guaranteed winning consistently but as any gambler knows an advantage or 'edge' will soon grow if you play sensibly. On the second day he alone won about $300,000 and his growing group of followers also won a huge amount as well.By this time Joseph Jagger had become a serious problem to the casinos who have been losing vast amounts of money. They weren't quite sure how he was winning but they did guess correctly that it had something to do with the wheels. That night they switched all the table around and the next day Jagger was unaware that he was gambling at a different table. Initially he began to lose heavily until he noticed the lack of familiar scratch marks on the wheel. He went to look for his 'biased' wheel and when he found it started playing and winning again. The Casino owners had now figured out the problem, the wheel was indeed biased due to some problem with the frets - the little dividers between the slots on a wheel. They replaced the offending equipment and removed the bias on that particular roulette wheel. With Jaggers advantage removed he started to lose heavily, but he was no mug and soon stopped gambling and cashed in his winnings. Overall he made about 5 million dollars profit, he then paid up his colleagues and returned to Yorkshire to quit his job and invest his winnings.This amazing man was often touted as the 'man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo' although this is not quite true you have to admire him, in these days were we can login and play online roulette in minutes, even making it to Monte was quite an achievement. He arranged one of the largest roulette payouts ever made, and the engineer certainly caused the casinos quite a shock.

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